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Treatment stages

Frequently Asked Questions

What medical treatments are available in Turkey?
Turkey boasts a wealth of experienced specialist physicians and a modern medical infrastructure, allowing it to provide a comprehensive range of treatment services in all branches to patients from around the world. As a result, thousands of patients opt to receive treatment in Turkey each year.
How will I know which hospital and doctor to choose?
To determine the most suitable hospital and doctor for your treatment, we will consult with our doctors and provide you with the best options based on your needs.
Do I need to translate my reports into Turkish?
There is no requirement for you to translate the medical reports you send to us into another language. If necessary, we will translate them in a way that can be evaluated by our doctors.
Do I need a visa?
Before planning your trip, you should check whether Turkey requires a visa for citizens of your country. If you need a visa to enter Turkey, visas are facilitated for treatment purposes. We would be happy to provide you with further information on this matter by contacting us.
Will I have a language problem during the treatment period?
During the treatment period, a health consultant who is able to communicate with our patients in their own language will be available to them 24/7 to ensure that there are no language barriers.